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NetTable Applet Parameters

columns - number of columns
newsWindow - the target window for displaying selected news item; possible values are "_blank", "_parent", "_self", and a specific window name
headers - headers for each column separated by ","
colWidths - column widths for each column separated by ","
featuren - specify a feature for a group of cells; format: row,column|type,type-specific features.

type: Basic, HNews, Chart
type-specific features:

"Basic": number type,background color,text color,alignment
"HNews": background color,text color
"Chart": chart type,maximum number of values,data update frequency in seconds

number type include 0 (ordinary numbers), 1 (stock form), and 2 (currency format)

filen - specify a file where data are read; format: url|interval|column maps

"url" is the data file address.
"interval" is the frequency of reading data from the file.
"column maps" map data columns in the file to the table columns

The following is the sample html tags used in the demo:

<APPLET CODE="NetTableDemo.class" archive="NetTableDemor.jar" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=450>
<param name="columns" value="8">
<param name="newsWindow" value="_blank">
<param name="headers" value="Symbol,Time,Last Trade,Change,%Change,Bid,Ask,News">
<param name="colWidths" value="60,60,60,60,60,60,60,200">
<param name="feature0" value=",7|HNews,FFFFFF,000000">
<param name="feature1" value=",3|Chart,0,60,6">
<param name="feature2" value=",2|Chart,1,60,4">
<param name="feature3" value=",4|Chart,2,100,8,5">
<param name="file0" value="|6|0,1,3,6">
<param name="file1" value="|4|2,4,5">
<param name="file2" value="|30|7">