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Contact Information

Please read the FAQ before contacting us. If you have problems regarding the configuration of the appet, please send us the following information :

  • A detailed description of the problem
  • A copy of the HTML file or hyperlink to the web page.

You can contact us by:

VoiceMail: (913) 664-0024 ext 7961

Normally, we will respond your request within one day.

Cutomized Applets/Servlets

We write custom-made applets/servlets tailored for specific needs at a very reasonable fee of US$45 per hour. If you wish to seek our services, please contact us with the following information :

  • A detailed description of the applets/servlets
  • Any document, hyperlink or image that could provide supplementary information

Put your Applets on Our Site and Join Ye Group

We encourage developers to submit their applets/servlets to us. Java developers may give us applets object code or a link to applets/servlets. If we decide to put your applets/servlets on our tree directory, you are automatically become a member of Ye Group. If our clients send requests to us that requires similar features to your applets/servlets, we will forward their requests to you. You get full payment of your work. Please check Join Ye Group for more details.