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Author:      Joe Hillman
Version:   1.02 
Last revised date:  8/15/1999


  • Small footprint: jar file size=12k
  • Loads very fast
  • Unlimited messages
  • Scroll messages left, right, down and up from any direction
  • Support Fade or Zoom special effect
  • Customize the background color or use JPG image
  • Customize border color and text color
  • Customize font characteristics
  • Supports hyperlinks
  • Customize all delays

Sample Usages:

  • Company advertisements

Try & Order:

Please contact the author of the applet.

Java is not installed on your system!

TextScroller supports a nice list of features to present information to your clients.  Use the applet to scroll text left, right, down and up as well as fade and zoom.  Customize the background color or jpeg image, border color, text color and font characteristics.  Associate a text color-highlighting URL link to each message.  TextScroller is highly configurable to meet your needs.   Have a look at the examples to see what can be achieved.